Rainforest Zipline Park Info

Open for tours and ready to receive visitors!

For adventurous visitors who want to experience the adrenaline rush of ziplines and rappelling in a tropical rainforest setting, you have come to the right place! Located in the foothills of the ‘Sierra de Luquillo’ mountains and contiguous to Puerto Rico’s ‘El Yunque’ Caribbean National Forest, (The only rainforest in the U.S. National Park system.) our guests will experience 5 exciting Ziplines; hiking through lush, tropical landscapes and finishing off with an exhilarating 50 foot Rappel down a towering, native rainforest tree!

The adventure starts off with three scenic zip-lines which range in length from 500 to 800ft. These are nice long zip-lines which give you great views, and the opportunity to play around and try some tricks!

This tour ends with a belayed 50ft. rappel from the tree platform down to the ground. No previous experience is required for this rappel since it is assisted; you just need to follow instructions.

At the edge of the forest, hike for 15-20 min. reaching the next zipline. The hike, conducted by an interpretive guide, is an opportunity to learn about the natural history and the flora and fauna of the area.

Have the good fortune to be in the vicinity of three of Puerto Rico’s most famous nature attractions: the Beaches of Luquillo, the ‘El Yunque’ Rainforest and the Bio Bay at the “Laguna Grande” in Fajardo. So we recommend that you make it a full day of experiencing the best of the natural beauty of our Island by combining our exciting zipline and rappelling tour with one of the activities below. All are minutes away! Call and they can help you plan an action-packed day enjoying the natural wonders of Puerto Rico!

In between all the action, the area between Luquillo and Fajardo abounds with a wide variety of places to enjoy ‘Down Home’, real Puerto Rican cooking! Visitors can enjoy local ‘Criollo’ and seafood dishes, in sit-down restaurants, casual open-air cafes and the famous ‘Luquillo’ Beach kiosks featuring popular Puerto Rican delicacies!

Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of few located around Puerto Rico – and one of the last remaining on the planet! Experience this rare phenomenon of nature as you glide through the tranquil “Laguna Grande” surrounded by mangroves, teeming with sea life.

Experience the wildlife paradise of El Yunque, the only rainforest under the USA flag. Hike through lush verdant trails leading to waterfalls and scenic over-looks where you’ll hike to an observation tower and observe the park’s diverse plant and animal life.

The beach is a crescent shape with calm waters perfect for swimming. Sunbathe and swim on a perfect crescent of sand at Luquillo beach, a palm tree-lined beach with sublime views of Puerto Rico’s ‘El Yunque’ rainforest-covered mountains in the distance.
Rainforest Zipline Park Info