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About Yunke Zipline & Rappel Adventure Tours in Luquillo, Puerto Rico

About Us!

Join us for a unique experience in the lush and beautiful Luquillo Mountains’ foothills. YUNKE ZIPLINE ADVENTURE (YZA) is located just north of the “El Yunque” National Rainforest, on a hillside at about 450 ft. above sea level. Our site is on 38 acres of private land consisting of a mix of planted to densely forested terrain that is geologically part of the ‘Sierra de Luquillo’ mountains.

YZA has been proudly operating since 2009 and is a wholly owned, local enterprise which offers you the opportunity to enjoy SAFE, FUN and SCENIC zip-lines in a beautiful forested area, home to many native species of plants and animals.

Conservation & Preservation

Our mission is to provide our visitors with safe and exciting means for seeing and experiencing the natural wonders of the Luquillo rainforest while aiding in the conservation of its natural resources, and the preservation of its culture. We encourage and inspire our visitors to discover a unique and exhilarating experience while instilling a sense of responsibility to learn about, and to protect, our natural environment.

Bird Watching ‘El Yunque’ Rainforest

bananaquitOur site is home to a great diversity of bird species, including many of our island endemics, such as both of our hummingbirds, the Puerto Rican tody, the woodpecker, the bullfinch, the screech owl, and both of our tanagers. For a list of species at our site, or for the opportunity to bird watch on our trails, please contact Roqui through our e-mail account,

Puerto Rico is also a winter home to migratory birds that breed in North America and migrate south for the winter. Approximately 35 species of these migratory birds either winter or pass through ‘El Yunque’ during this season.

Safety First!

YZA is committed to maintaining a professional operation with high quality service emphasizing on SAFETY FIRST. To this end, we invest in, practice, and comply with all safety standards in the industry.

Our lead guide controls the zipline breaking systems allowing you to zip along without the need of grabbing the cable to break so you can experience greater sensations while flying freely. Our system is ‘Safety Redundent’ utilizing double cables & pulleys attached to sitting harnesses and guided by an additional safety line. Our gear is top of the line (Petzl) equipment so that your adventure will be unforgettable and carefree!

Our Team: Roqui, Eric & Jomar

Our staff lead by our founder and chief guide, Roberto “Roqui” Bello, are very knowledgeable and personable with great communication skills. All are graduates of the National Outdoor Leadership Council’s Wilderness First Aid courses. All are CPR certified.

Additionally, Roqui has double majors in Anthropology and Zoology, with a Master’s in Integrative Biology (focusing on ecology, evolution and conservation). He has taught Tropical Biology courses and has years of experience doing fieldwork throughout the Tropical Americas.