Zumanjaro: the highest attraction of free fall

Among the announcements of the New attractions coming up for 2014, the company Six Flags announced the opening of "Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom". This new type of free fall attraction will be connected to the famous "Kingda Ka", which has a height of 456 feet, and is listed as the second highest roller coaster in the world. Zumanjaro will have a height of 415 feet (126.49 meters), and will reach a maximum speed of approximately 145 km/h. The attraction will be located in the park "Six Flags Great Adventure", in New Jersey, USA

As announced by the company, it is planned to build three towers, which will each have a Gondola with capacity for 8 passengers. These Gondolas will ascend to the top of the tower in an approximate time of 30 seconds. When arriving at the maximum height, the passengers will pass a frightening second to 41 floors of height, to then be thrown into the void in less than 10 seconds. From the top, you can see the tallest skyscrapers in Philadelphia, with everything and that is almost 8 kilometers away from the park. Its inauguration is scheduled for Summer 2014.