The 5 strangest amusement parks in the world

For this page I wanted to dedicate myself to finding the rarest amusement parks in the world, since normally we only talk about those of princesses and roller coasters such as DisneyWorld, Six Flags or SeaWorld itself.
These parks range from subjects dedicated to vomiting or disgusting things, sex and even reaching amusement parks in countries totally communists and without any freedom. These parks are the following:

  • DiggerLand: This park is located in several cities in the United Kingdom, and its theme is construction machinery. This park has large excavators to be handled by visitors and also has different attractions that will make you feel as if you were in a construction field. It has four centers throughout England, which shows its success.

  • Angry BirdsLand: This amazing theme park is located in Changsa, China, and as its name suggests it is the famous game for cell phone Angry Birds. Its main attraction is completely simple and, like the game, consists of huge Chinese to shoot replicas of the protagonists of the game. Without a doubt, something totally new. As a curious thing, the owners of the park do not have a license from Rovio, creator of the game.
  • Bobon Land: This park is in Odense, Denmark and strangely its theme is about grotesque and disgusting things, like excrement, gas, vomiting and other dirty things. This park has different characters that, throughout their stay, you will fart on them. You can also enjoy some trinkets called "Seagull Droppings" or the famous "Used Diapers".
  • Love Land: This taboo park is located on the island of Cheju, South Korea and its theme is love and sex. This park is a recurring destination for honeymooners of newlyweds. Here you can interact with all kinds of provocative pieces, loaded with genital iconography. In China they tried to create a similar park, but it was not achieved because the authorities did not allow it.

  • Magyongdae Park: This is the strangest park I got. It is located in Pyongyang, North Korea. His theme is sadness and depression, being the last amusement park in his country. It is the only amusement park that remains after the empire of Kim-Jong-Il. It has the typical attractions of a park of this style, but for its misfortune it is totally abandoned and all in very bad condition. Citizens almost never attend this park for very obvious reasons, but sometimes they are forced to go because some important visit came to the country, and the regime tries to feign some happiness and activity. If the citizens do not attend, they can be arrested and even something worse could happen to them. Undoubtedly something totally macabre.