"Hunger Games" will have its own Amusement Park

Everyone knows the great and successful saga of "The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, which has been a success both the novel and the film, which by the way soon (November 22) will premiere the Saying this, Can you imagine participating or attending a site that set everything that is the site where these events unfold ?, Well, apparently in a not too distant future this will be possible, because according to StarMedia Venezuela, a park with the same name will be created, something never seen before and which would be worth visiting.

Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Li Onsgate said that thanks to the success of "The Hunger Games", he could have his own park. " We have been approached by two different entrepreneurs to talk about the potential opportunities to create a theme park, an idea that will provide a cultural impact to the franchise, "said Feltheimer. "We are very excited about the opportunities and we are following up on them. the sequel as a global phenomenon to continue with the growth of the franchise ", he added.