Dolphin is born in an amusement park

It is always pleasant to know that new offspring of endangered species are born in captivity, in order to preserve these species in a controlled and safe way. This was the case of the birth of a dolphin in the SeaWorld Amusement Park in San Diego, Kolohe, which on the night of this same Tuesday, saw the birth of a small dolphin born with a great state of health, like his mother. u na dolphin 30 years old. His gestation period lasted approximately one whole year. For the park is the breeding number 49 that is born in its facilities.

This scene lasted little more than midnight, where the dolphin was seen with her little son swimming together in the light of the moon. Without a doubt, a very tender and incredibly moving scene. A veterinarian will be responsible for ensuring that everything goes well with the little dolphin, which still has no name.
In conclusion, it is necessary to applaud these initiatives so that people learn a little more about these incredible species and for the park it generates more propaganda.