Six Flags announces new wooden roller coaster that will break 3 Record Mundales

Among the eagerness has created among roller coaster engineers to get better and better, Six Flags Great America Park, released detailed information on what will be its next new attraction. The roller coaster will have the name "Goliath" and it will be of the roller coaster type of wood. According to the creators, this new attraction will be "the roller coaster of its most extreme type of planet", and this is because it is expected to break three world records in its style, which are: 55 meters of fall and a speed of 116 Km/h, beating El Toro (54 meters and 110 Km/h) as the fastest roller coaster with the longest fall; and an inclination of 85º, surpassing the current holder of the record to the highest inclination of the fall, which is Outlaw Run, with 81º.

This roller coaster was designed, and is being built by the company "Rocky Mountain Construction". The attraction is being built in the "Six Flags Great America" ​​park, located in Gurnee, Illinois (E.E.U.U.). This one is replacing "Iron Wolf", which premiered in 1990, and in 2011 it was closed, for its later transfer to "Six Flags America", in Prince George`s County, Maryland. The attraction will count, in addition to the world records mentioned above, with 940 meters of travel, 50 meters of height, 2 inversions and 2 extremely banked curves (overbanked turns). It is expected to open its doors in the Spring of 2014 (First Semester of the year) and to attract fans of the adrenaline world.